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Recording, Rehearsal & Editing Services

Services & Prices

For full multitrack recording we charge £25 per hour and £20 per hour for video work.
We also undertake video editing, DVD production and provide rehearsal/practice rooms that can be hired for only £25 for four hours, all back line drums and PA supplied. Call 01473 288388 for more information.

Equipment of very special interest

The RCA OP-6 Tube microphone pre amp, this has been refurbished to an exceptional standard utilizing all 19 mods suggested by Steven Sank of Talking Dog Transducer Arizona, I have a custom built Steven Sank Ribbon Mic to go with it but it also sounds fabulous with a variety of other mic's.
The Vortexion CBL master recorder, This is also fully refurbished and uses all mullard tubes, it is normally in circuit with the master buss, used as a line amp. One of the very best Valve Pre/line amp circuits ever built.
Neve 33609JD Comp/Lim brand new but with the original all discrete output stage. Lives in the master buss, loves music.
Urei 546 eight band parametric EQ, absolutely killer on kick drum.
Sets a foundation for a track that no in the box EQ can get near and very few outboard EQ boxes sound just like Led Zepp, this is the original and best.
There are many many other funky old school mic's amps, cabs, drums and band equipment of all the big name manufacturers.
That is along with the newer Mesa boogie an Marshall stuff of course.