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Springvale Recording Studio is situated near the Suffolk/Essex border just outside Ipswich.
Established in 1986 by the current owner and engineer Mark Fairfax-Harwood, the studio has progressed from 24 track analogue to the Protools digital system keeping only those parts that were truly classic.

Mark has been involved with record production since the late seventies working with a large number of bands and artists in the Rock, Pop, Reggae and Metal genres. The ethos of the studio is to create great warm sounding records using fabulous Vintage Microphones and Valve and Discrete transistor circuits by names such as RCA, Neve, Vortexion, Urei and Gates, all feeding a central hub being the highly expanded Protools TDM mixing environment.

If you would like to discuss our recording services or book a practice room then call us on 01473 288388.

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